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After Care

February 1 - March 26

After Care is a response to the conditions of live-ability that apply to some but not all.

This exhibition features artists who have lived experience of the lateral violence unduly placed on marginalized communities, and it reflects on the practice of progressive models of sexual after care. In erotic and roleplaying scenarios involving bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, and sadomasochism, the act of “checking in” reflects the care placed on interpersonal dynamics that too often fail to acknowledge the harm perpetuated by systems of power and control.

As we start to think through the often-used phrase, “communities of care,” we should acknowledge that what underpins sexual and political after care is an acknowledgement that an imbalance of power contributes to unhealthy interpersonal relationships as well as imperfect societies. By addressing these issues through the lens of after care, how might we hold ourselves accountable for doing the real work of providing care?


Mitchell Art Gallery
Rm. 11-121, Allard Hall, 11110-104 Ave.
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 1M9 Canada