Fort Saskatchewan Prairie

Fort Saskatchewan Prairie, located in West River's Edge Park on the western edge of the city and bordering the south side of the North Saskatchewan River, is one of three remaining native prairie remnants in the Capital Region. The City of Fort Saskatchewan acquired this 13 hectare parcel of land to protect its natural heritage for the community and visitors to enjoy. The Prairie’s main entrance gate is located southwest of the boat launch, next to the West River’s Edge Wetlands Conservation Area. There are interpretive signs throughout this natural landscape to guide and educate visitors about the native plants and animals that still live here. One sign honors Dr. G. H. Turner who was one of the first doctors here in early 1900. He was an avid botanist, finding and naming 10,000 different plants in the area. He dedicated his collection to the University of Alberta Herbarium for conservation. Botanists from the Edmonton Naturalization Group have collected seeds from rare plants in Fort Saskatchewan Prairie to grow in their nursery and to help preserve the species.

Fort Saskatchewan: , Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta