Looking to spend an afternoon exploring one-of-a-kind local boutiques in a hip neighbourhood? Or, would you prefer a mega-mall full to the brim with trendy shops all in one place? Hoping to find a great deal at an big-name outlet? Well, you’re in luck, because we have all this and more in Edmonton. The city is chock full of fabulous shopping options that are the perfect spots to find everything you need for friends, family, and yourself!

Ask the Expert: Gurvinder Bhatia

Wine expert Gurvinder Bhatia has some suggestions for those who are looking for a bold or light wine, for what to choose in a restaurant, or for the best bottle to buy for a gift! MORE »

Author Spotlight: David D. Orr

In his first novel with Edmonton publisher Stonehouse Publishing, David Orr proves to have a natural gift for storytelling and understanding the motivations of everyone involved in a dispute. MORE »