Snow Valley Aerial Park

Edmonton's newest outdoor adventure—and the first of its kind in Canada—is here! With over 100 games and challenges, the aerial trekking tower is fun for the whole family. Strap yourself into a harness and get ready to test your balance—and nerve—on a ski bridge, snowboard balance bridge, picnic table, bicycle, coal car, travel trailer, and a few surprises. $49 Adult; $44 Youth (11-17); $34 Junior (6-10); $29 Child (3-5). Through Sep 1: Mon–Sun 9 am–9 pm. Sep 2–Sep 29: Thu–Fri 3 pm–9 pm, Sat–Sun 10 am–9 pm. Closed for the season Sep 30 til May 2020.

South Edmonton: 119 Whitemud Dr., Edmonton, Alberta, T6H 3Y9